Welcome to Cookies & Cramming! I’m so excited to start baking and sharing all sorts of delectable treats with y’all! I decided to start this blog when I realized that I wouldn’t be satisfied by simply baking the same family Christmas cookies time and time again (don’t tell my sisters). Yes, great-great grandma what’s her name’s secret cookie recipe is delicious, but I discovered I love to challenge myself when it comes to baking. And the baking bucket list was born!

I’ve listed every sweet treat I could possibly think of and hope to one day cross off each one. Of course, I am a sophomore in college, so my limited financial status can sometimes put a damper on such ambitious baking, but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve for fellow student bakers. While I bake my way through the list I will share my journey with you and include any and all tips and tricks for baking on a student budget and time-constraint. I am starting this blog during finals week after all. Maybe the worst timing ever? Possibly. But as you’ll come to learn (if you keep reading, subscribe, like, follow, etc. as I sure hope you do!), I am the biggest procrasti-baker you’ll ever meet. While most college students resort to Netflix, you’ll catch me baking funfetti macrons and eating my stress away.

So go on and tap that little button over there to bake with me, or at the very least look at some delicious treats. And keep a look out this weekend for my very first recipe! I can’t wait to share it with y’all!

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